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Now supports against the new university law!
Education must remain accessible!

We reject the plans of the turquoise/green government to remodel the universities! The change of the university law brings significant disadvantages for students and attacks the universities in their structure.

This means more possibilities of influence by politics, an attack on the independence of the universities as well as a reduction of democracy.

And all this while we are in the middle of the Covid_19 pandemic. This is what we stand against. Details of the new law can be read here.

Support the protests and become active with us!

Fight For Your Right!
Be active together!
Against dismantling of democracy – for accessible education!

The government’s plans fundamentally change the participatory structure at the universities. We are standing up to and against the change for the worse. For more codetermination instead of less participation!

Social Solidarity
The changes will exclude more people from access to education. Universities are already not very accessible – they must become more open instead of closed!

Fair access
Many who do not have financial support cannot afford access to education. This situation is worsened by the increasing pressure to perform, more support is needed instead of exclusion!